Geodesistilling Norges iderettshøgskole

Norges idrettshøgskole jobber mye med bruk av GNSS-løsninger i toppidretten. De har nå ledig stilling:

Post doc / researcher position in geodesy: Global navigation satellite system and inertial navigation in elite sports

Position description: Significance of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and inertial navigation (INS) positioning based performance analysis in sport has increased for entertainment of spectators, for analysis in sport teams and in sport science. The major reason for that increase in significance is the advances in GNSS and INS development. Size and weight have decreased, while positioning performance has increased and with that applicability for use in elite sports has increased. Sport is a challenging activity to track using GNSS, since athletes move often in a manner that is hard to predict, antenna orientation changes continuously, GNSS signal shading are common and shocks are transferred from the athletes body to the GNSS unit. This sets high demands to the processing of GNSS data at the same time as sport specific GNSS processing is a quite unexplored field especially when it comes to double difference carrier phase (differential/RTK) processing. Typically, proprietary GNSS processing standards, developed for non-sport applications are used in sports. These might not necessarily fit well with the demands of the sport applications and limit the quality of the processing outcome. Therefore, accuracy of GNSS based positioning might be improved, if GNSS processing is tailored to the use in sports. Further, the coupling of GNSS and IMU to an INS is not frequently used in sports to the extent the todays technology would allow it to improve the positioning quality.

The project is embedded in a collaboration between:

  • Norwegian School of Sport Science, Department of Physical Performance, Oslo, Norway
  • Faculty of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
  • Norwegian elite sport Federations
  • GNSS / IMU / INS industry


The task of this Post Doc / Researcher position is to develop GNSS and IMU based positioning solutions that are customized to the demands of elite sports with respect to accuracy, precision and reliability for high – and low – end receivers. Low – end receivers are receivers that are typically used in team, endurance sports and for spectator broadcasting. High – end receivers re used in technical sports like alpine skiing, ski jumping, sailing etc.

The successful candidate:

  • Has a scientific background from geodesy / engineering, desirable with a PhD degree in the field.
  • Has experience in GNSS (RTK) and INS processing.
  • Has experience in the development of new GNSS / INS processing solutions for dynamic applications.
  • Is independent, solution, result oriented and Is interested in sports


  • Duration: 2.5 years fulltime position, start asap.
  • Location: Norwegian School of Sport Science, Department of Physical Performance. Oslo, Norway.
  • Salary and other terms of employment are offered according to the qualification of the candidate and the Norwegian State pay scale.

Application and Contact: Assoc. Prof. Matthias Gilgien, Norwegian School of Sport Science

Mail: Phone: +47 45676656